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Laura Ribero

(Bogotá, Colombia, 1978)

Laura Ribero is a visual artist and researcher who studied Visual Arts at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University back in her hometown of Bogota, Colombia. In the final semesters of her course, she became more interested in photography and, in 2002, she moved to Spain to specialize in this area, obtaining a PhD in Arts and New Technologies, by the University of Barcelona. Since that time, more than 18 years ago, Ribero has been living outside her country of origin in places like Spain, Germany, Austria, and most recently in Brazil. She is currently living and working between Barcelona and Porto Alegre, Brazil.

According to the critic Elisa Garzón: ‘In Laura Ribero’s photographs we must read between the lines. The apparent normality of the portraits – a cleaning lady having a cup of coffee, or another one with her ear pressed against a street wall -, hides a social analysis that touches on topics such as migration, identity and assumed roles. The connecting thread that unites all her series of photographs is the narrative, a story told from the beginning to the end, or in fragments, in a real setting, although it is transformed into another reality by the manipulation of the context.*

Ribero has been exhibiting her artwork in different countries such as Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Turkey, United States, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. She has been invited to exhibit her work in places as the MAK, Museum of Applied Arts, in Vienna; Istanbul Modern Museum, in Turkey; and La Casa Encendida, in Madrid. In addition, she has been participating in different photographic events, such as Festival ZUM, Sao Paulo (2017), Month of the European Photography, Vienna (2008 and 2010), the International Fotofestival Germany (2007), and the Bienal Fotográfica Bogotá (2007). Ribero has been winning several awards, including Artistic Residencies in Germany, from the Zeche Zollverein Foundation, and the AIR Krems and Museums Quartier, Q21, in Austria.

* Elisa Garzón, ‘Laura Ribero: Fotografía entre líneas (Photography Between Lines)’, EXIT Express Magazine, #53 Summer, Madrid, Spain, 2010.